Welcome to A2Z home improvements

A little about the owner, Fred Ford.

AT A2Z Home Improvements we believe in doing things right. There is a reason why our customers refer us, for our dry rot repair and painting, once they see the work we do. We take pride in delivering the very best quality work on each and every job. I, Fred, am a hands on contractor involved in all the work we do, so you can expect A2Z quality every time.  We look for areas of water intrusion and fix the challenges at the source reducing the risk of future dry rot. We also use special techniques that produce a longer lasting paint job.

As a general contractor, I do all types of home improvements.   My clients love that they only have to hire one contractor to handle the whole project rather than multiple trade contractors for specific needs.  While some contractors may see work as just a job, I see it as a way to help people.

– Fred Ford, Owner

Quality House Painters  |  Sacramento, CA

I personally supervise and work every project. We use the same skilled workers on each job, and I expect them to continually refine their skills and to take pride in their trade. I hold my crews to my own standard of quality — A2Z Quality. When I say A2Z Quality, I am saying “as close to perfect as humanly possible.” You deserve the best, and I go the extra mile to make that happen. Give me a call, and you will see that we are different.