A typical painting job: Pull back landscaping material (rock, dirt, bark, etc) to expose the foundation.  This is all put back at the conclusion of the job.  Pressure wash exterior of house to remove foreign materials.  Repair house surfaces (cracks in stucco, removing unwanted nails/hooks, nail holes, etc.).  Seal all gaps around windows.  Apply primer to all bare wood.  Apply oil based primer to all bare metal.  Caulk all areas where beneficial.  Mask off all necessary items (porch lights, windows, door knobs, peep holes, plants, concrete, etc.) to protect from over spray.  Apply two coats of paint (with dry time in between coats) to exterior of house. Back roll as needed. Paint all trim. Color and sheen chosen by customer. Haul away all rubbish.

A note about “haul away all rubbish.” It is my goal that there is nothing left behind to remind you that I or my crew were ever there… other than the beautiful end result.

A note about paint samples:  Notice the paint samples on the side of the house in the 3rd picture.  You provide us 5-10 paint colors from the paint color book we share with you, then we put samples on the wall to make your decision on color much easier.


Before Before

Installing Hardy BoardAdding Hardie Backer Cement Board

IMG_4007New Harder Backer cement board fully installed