A2Z does all types of residential home improvements and repairs. However, we specialize in two specific areas. This enables us to be the very best in our specialties because repetition yields skill refinement.

The first specialty is dry rot repair & painting. We look for areas of water intrusion and fix the challenges at the source reducing the risk of future dry rot. We also use special techniques that produce a longer lasting paint job.

Our other specialty (unrelated to the first) is water heater installation. Be sure you are protected with a contractor that guarantees your water heater is 100% up to code.  More information on our water heater aspect of the business, go to www.elkgrovewaterheater.com.

By hiring A2Z, you will have the assurance that your project will not go unfinished nor will you need to hire multiple trade contractors. We do it all.

Our motto… if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  We know who butters our bread.  A happy client brings more clients. A2Z’s goal is 100% happy clients